Kaela’s Harvest Festival Experience

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icon-clock November 15, 2018

This blog post was contributed by Cohort 17 Corps Member Kaela Arroyo.

My experience hosting the Harvest Festival at Wagner Houses was amazing. Knowing that I was in charge of making sure my people came out to support it was great; helping the children and even my own daughter was just a plus. I learned so much that day to improve my leadership skills in my community and handle things how they are supposed to go. The best part of it all was making all the kids happy and seeing them enjoy every part of it while I was on the mic, talking and cheering for them as they played the games and danced with me. It made my day. To see the youth from my community get along and come together was better than ever. I could see all the positive energy coming from my development especially after so much happened, I’m so happy to be apart of Green City Force. The experience is amazing and I’m happy I joined it.

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