Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2024

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icon-clock January 15, 2024

Dear GCF Community,

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, GCF honors Dr. King’s legacy by supporting our Corps Members and service teams in the field, coming together to tend to our Eco-Hub community spaces and collective spirit – the foundation critical for the success of our work.

As an AmeriCorps organization, GCF takes to heart Dr. King’s belief in and commitment to service as a uniting and uplifting force. Our American Climate Corps model for national service is dedicated to fostering community wellness through equitable access to healthy food, liberatory knowledge, shared sustainable practices, green workforce pathways, safe spaces and collaborative, empowering connection. 

“Dr. King’s Beloved Community is a global vision in which all people can share in the wealth of the earth. In the Beloved Community, poverty, hunger and homelessness will not be tolerated because international standards of human decency will not allow it. Racism and all forms of discrimination, bigotry and prejudice will be replaced by an all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood.”The King Center

Dr. King’s vision, leadership and call to action remind and inspire us to rally each day for ourselves and for one another. His vision of making justice a reality for all speaks to our vision of social, economic and environmental justice – led by our young BIPOC adults as they create our inclusive green city every day in preparation for fortifying careers through service to fellow community members.

Thank you for joining us in honoring Dr. King and the way forward, together as a “Beloved Community.”

In service and solidarity,