Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day

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icon-clock October 13, 2020

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day!

This national holiday reimagines Columbus Day and celebrates and commemorates Native American history and culture. For more information on supporting Indigenous People’s Day, visit the Indigenous People’s Day 2020 website.

At GCF, we are part of the unstoppable movement towards an economy that values people and the planet. We strive to learn from and honor Indigenous leaders and practices past and present, informing and embodying the ideals of the green economy. Our office is located on land where Munsee Lenape lived. Learn more about the Lenape, who valued female leadership and lived in balance with the land, here. Looking for other opportunities to celebrate Indigenous communities? Check out the below events and educational resources:

  • Take a moment to punch in your zip code and connect to the history of the Native people tied to where you are with this interactive map
  • Read Jeannette Armstrong’s essay on the practice of En’owkin, decision-making for sustainability rooted in the belief that youth perspective is one of “innovative possibilities”
  • Take part in an event on Monday to build Indigenous power through voting, courtesy of Jael Kampfe at Grace and Grit
  • Learn more about leaders in the green jobs movement such as Wahleah Johns; and Alexis Saez, and Cody Two Bears, who were featured at the excellent EEDay event organized by WOCSIS and Kinetic Communities

Indigenous leaders who have dedicated themselves to environmental stewardship. Top row: Cody Two Bears, Chief Seattle; Bottom Row: Annie Aghnaqa Alowa, Winona LaDuke

Join us in celebrating and honoring the historical and contemporary legacies of Indigenous culture! We owe so much of our understanding of environmentalism to the many Indigenous leaders such as Chief Seattle, Annie Aghnaqa Alowa, and Winona LaDuke, throughout the centuries of colonization and its effects in this country. Taking the time to learn the history of stewardship of the natural landscape of our surroundings is critical to building towards a greener and more equitable future, rooted in respect for each other and our planet.

In Service,

The GCF Team